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Recent reviews

Some recent reviews on our wine tasting classes:-

Nov 29th 2019 - Christmas wine tasting at Linlithgow Burgh Halls:-

"Friendly and open atmosphere" (R.Macalister)

"I liked the cheese and the presentation of the wines" (Anon)

"Good presentation of wines with lots of cheese. Good communication with the guests" (A. Navickaite)

June 6th 2019 - Italian wine tasting at The Apprentice Restaurant, Edinburgh College:-

"Excellent information evening, good wine, cheese and company" (C. Smith)

"I liked that it was a smaller number of people" (E. Baksa)

""The white wines were very good and a good format" (E. Robertson)

"Very friendly atmosphere and this amount of people is perfect for socialising" (M. Villacorta)

"I enjoyed the small group and the great atmosphere" (J. Browne)

"I enjoyed learning about the wines" (A. Fairgrieve) 

"I enjoyed tasting the wines, eating cheese and Vikki's knowlegde" (Anon) 

"I enjoyed the opportunity to try a range of Italian wines" (R. Fairgreive) 

Feb 6th 2019 - French wine tasting at The Apprentice Restaurant, Edinburgh College:-

"This was all new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed this venture. Our tutor I found excellent and her knowledge was really good. I enjoyed learning about the history of the wine, tasting the wine and meeting new people" (Y. Smith)

"Interesting and fun - wine, cheese and good chat" (S. McIntyre)

"Everything was perfect! Red wines the best! Better than expected" (A. Cuerva)

"Professionally run" (R. Ruggiero)

"All good, cheese and wine were great" (J. Gray)

"Great explanation of the different wines, I enjoyed trying different grape varieties" (J. Browne)

"Nice informal, intimate setting" (A. McMinn)

"I enjoyed the cheese, wine and socialising" (L.McLean)

"It was a learning curve, thank you. The cheeses were lovely" (anon)

"Really enjoyed learning about the different wines" (L. Lennen)

"Nice to try different wines" (K. Searl)

"My favourite thing about the tasting was chatting to you" (anon)

"I have enjoyed the evening" (J. Scott)

"Amazing cheese and wine combinations and amazing lemon tart" (G.Costa)

Dec 6th  2017 - Christmas Wine Tasting at Linlithgow Burgh Halls:-

"Very personable, all wines very nice" (C. Blake)

"I enjoyed learning about the different facts on wine" (anon)

"My favourite things about tonight were the wines and the presenter" (W. Whyte)

"I enjoyed the company and chat" (D. Aitken)

"I liked the company and the host" (I. Arsine)

"The night was very informative with a lovely, friendly host. Looking forward to the next one!" (P. Backley)

"This was my first wine tasting and I enjoyed tasting and learning about the making of each wine" (S. Cruikshank)

"I enjoyed trying different things and learning lots" (J. Hanbidge)

"There was a good selection, quality and quantity of wines" (S. Whyte)

"The night was friendly, social and informative" (L. Robson)

"I enjoyed learning the additional information alongside each wine, which we would otherwise not have known, very informative!" (C. D'Silva)

"We feel we have learned a lot about different grapes and wine regions. Great knowledge and useful information" (P. Kidd)

Oct 11th 2017 - New Zealand Wine Tasting at Linlithgow Burgh Halls:-

"So laid back, felt comfortable, good advice. Not much experience in red wines, so appreciated the experience" (A. Keyes)

"I enjoyed trying wines I wouldn't normally try" (S. Vaughan)

"I enjoyed the welcome, the selection and the knowledge" (C. Vaughan)

"Social, had a good gossip, met new people" (N. Orr and T. Hulman)

"Nice relaxed atmosphere" (S. Morrow)

"Food, wine, friends, learning - overall a really nice experience" 

"Loved them all (the wines), especially the dessert wine with the cake and millionaire shortbread" (C. Strachan)

"Very relaxed evening" (S. Morrow)

"Great fun" (Anon)

"Good selection of wines" (Anon)

"Amazing selection and lovely wines" (Anon)

"I enjoyed the wines and also the lovely selection of cheeses" (J. Kroner)

"Good mix of people" (K. Hickey)

"I enjoyed the atmosphere, the instruction at the lay person's level - informative without being too deep" (Anon)

"I learned more about different wines, good to learn about food pairing" (J. Reynolds)

July 7th 2017 - Spanish Wine Tasting at Linlithgow Burgh Halls:-

"Another excellent evening - superb wines, great cheese, excellent company, many thanks" D.Wells

"Wonderful evening, great range of wines with authoritative comments and unpretentious" D. Pavitt

"I enjoyed the food, wine, your lovely manner and teaching" Anon

"I enjoyed trying wines I wouldn't normally buy and the informal atmosphere" C. Wells

"I enjoyed trying wines I would never have tried before and the food accompanying the wines" L. Chalmers

"I liked the breadth of choice of wine" C. Devlin

"An enjoyable environment" B.Richards

"Great range of wines and venue" Anon

"Loved the relaxed atmosphere" J. Masterton

"I enjoyed the atmosphere and the information" Anon

"The class was very comfortable and felt relaxed" S. Russell

"I enjoyed learning new things and trying new things" J.Wright

"All great, at the start I didn't think there was enough food but going through the night there was more than enough" C. Binnie

"I enjoyed the coconut cake with matching dessert wine" C. Strachan

"Very enjoyable evening, great info learned every time and lovely food" B.Wright

I liked the venue - room nice and open and you could see everyone. A great variety of wine and food" L.Dods

"You create such a lovely relaxed atmosphere" B. Marshall

"A good mix of people" K. Hickey

"Convivial evening - good company and good wine" R. Aitchison

May 3rd 2017 - Australian Wine Tasting at Linlithgow Burgh Halls:-

"I enjoyed the white wines including the dessert wine with matching lemon tart" C.Strachan

"All really good" N. Harvey

"Fantastic experience! Amazing wines, food and company and wonderful expertise" R. Young-Kudelska

"Good quality wines - great selection/loved the little surprises (chocs and lemon tart)" S.S

"I enjoyed everything" T.Hockaday

"I enjoyed learning about the wine regions" C. Wells

"I enjoyed the range of wines" D. Wells

"The atmosphere was very good" A. Serzykczynslea

"Great opportunity to try some expensive wines" Anon

"New knowledge and the relaxed dinner party atmosphere" B.Wright

"Trying new wines and the guess the price game" Anon

"I enjoyed the atmosphere and company" Anon

Feb 22nd 2017 - Italian Wine Tasting at Linlithgow Burgh Halls:-

"I enjoyed the variety of wines tonight" Anon

"Great knowledge, learned a great deal" A. Jack

"I enjoyed tasting the different cheeses with the different wines" C. Strachan

"My favourite thing about the night was the very relaxed atmosphere" B.Wright

"Good wine, cheese and good information about the wines" C. Schonherr

"Very nice atmosphere, great cheese" A. Hege

"My favourite thing about tonight was the red wine" S. Johnstone

"I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere" Anon

"My favourite thing was the wine!" N. Howden

"Everything was great, thank you!" S.Groblena

"I liked everything!" E. Jaworski

"I really enjoyed the whole event" T. Jaworski

"I liked everything, the class was perfect" A. Skrzypczycista

"Good company and informative" K. Hickey

"I liked the presentation of the room on arrival and the welcoming atmosphere" B. Marshall

"I liked how the locations of the wines were explained and the selection of cheese" V.Luque

"I liked the knowledge of the host and found it very interesting" L.Dods

"I liked all the tips on how/what to look for when tasting wine" K.Ewart

Nov 9th 2016 - French Wine Tasting at Linlithgow Burgh Halls:-

"I loved every moment. Thank you very much" P.Fazebas

"Enjoyed learning about all the different grape varieties" R. Barron

"Vikki was very informative, I feel like I've learned a lot I didn't know before tonight. I didn't particularly enjoy drinking wine but I feel more open to it now" R. Lourie

"My favourite thing about tonight was the helpful and informative teacher" C. Hunter

"I enjoyed hearing other peoples' ideas and opinions" Anon

"I enjoyed the variety of wine and cheese" K.Pyrce

"My favourite thing about tonight was the event holder's knowledge" Anon

"I enjoyed the full experience" C. Cutler

"I enjoyed tasting the different wines and appreciating the different flavours" K.Blyth

"I enjoyed the quality of the wines" S.Grobelna

"I enjoyed the red wine and smoked cheese. I don't normally like red wine but it was nice with this cheese" C. Strachan

"I enjoyed the knowledge and the relaxed atmosphere" L. Jagus

"I enjoyed that it was relaxed and informative" S. Korber

"I have learned a lot of interesting things" Anon

"I enjoyed the quality of the wine and cheese" E. Jaworski

"I learned a lot about wine - excellent evening, I had a great time" L.Bryan

"I enjoyed the introduction to the wine and learning the price and shop it was from" I.Aitchison

"I enjoyed learning about the correct way to taste wine" J.McDonald

"I enjoyed the atmosphere and interaction" C. McDonald

Other reviews on classes at Edinburgh College

"I love wine and spirits and really enjoy learning about how they are made and the process behind, till it is on the table. I enjoyed Vikki's classes because I could get all that info in her classes. Classes were dynamic and structured. I have got other certificates and assist in workshops with other schools and professionals....and so far, Vikki is in my Top 10."

V. Luque

“Vikki is extremely knowledgeable about wine (and cheese!) and also makes the sessions really fun and interactive” D.Fleming

“Wine classes were truly interesting. I could learn about the countries and regions that wine were made. It was so satisfying when I could gain knowledge I always wanted but never got time to do professional course. Also adding cheeses/crackers and grapes to tasting showed how different taste may wine have. Personally I wouldn't mixed blue cheese with a wine but you persuaded me and I don't regret you did that as I enjoyed that a lot. One of the best classes in the college for sure”


“I really enjoyed Victoria's class. It's very structured, informative and helped me to get my WSET 2. Vikki makes it fun to learn and whenever I had a question or needed extra support she wouldn't hesitate to help"


“I found the wine tasting class very enjoyable and informative. Vikki is an experienced facilitator and conducted the class with ease and humour, she is clearly very knowledgeable about wine and was able to share this knowledge in a relaxed way. I would recommend this class to all!”

M. Caie

“Victoria has a vast knowledge of wines, I really enjoyed the tasting session I enjoyed wines that I would have never even thought of trying before because if you think about it you are never going to buy 10 different bottles of wine for the house, well that’s unless you want to throw away ¾ of a bottle if you don’t like it!! and how much can you learn in isolation? Wine tasting requires a group of different people with different pallets!”


“I was always interested about how wines and other spirits are made. Thanks Victoria and her classes I had an opportunity to get this knowledge. I was very pleased with standards and enjoyed every single class and tasting! Now after almost 2 years of finishing my course friends still ask me for an advice regarding wine matchings!”

M. Wojtaszek

“I found your class very interesting and it sparked a passion for wine I never knew I had!”

N. Stewart